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No filter

My thoughts are precious

I share these things with you because I am not ashamed of who I am

I am an imperfect, amazing, flawed, beautiful human being

I refuse to allow my existence to be summed up by superficial snapshots of the best moments in my life

There is no filter here

Judge me however you want

Your judgement hides your own fear

Your fear of being authentic

Life is made beautiful through the pain

I understand this truth

I live it

I am more whole because of it

I will not paint pretty pictures for you to envy me

Instead, I will tell my truth, which is richer than any pretty picture could be

Envy me for being wise

Envy me for being evolved

Envy me for knowing my worth

Envy me for flexing my strength

Envy me for getting back up

Envy me for being beyond your hate

Or do something better,

Live your life in a way that you envy

and then envy no more


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