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I looked at some old pictures today

Pictures of when I was young and thin and probably the envy of lots of girls because of it

But I don’t miss that girl

She was sad and insecure and felt the opposite of what she looked like

I’m a completely different person now

Not only do I look different, but I feel different

And I really like who I am

My life was different then, too

I think this is the first time, since my divorce, that I’ve been able to look at those pictures and not reminisced about “the good old days”

Maybe it’s because I’m in such a good place in my life right now, that I can see that “the good old days” weren’t as good as I remembered them

There was love and happiness, true

But I also remember the struggle, the upheaval, the constant anxiety of trying to keep up

I never found out what I was trying to keep up with

Maybe the unspoken expectation to be perfect

Do the best

Have the best

Be the best

Always trying to prove that I was good enough

That I was good

Today, I know that I’m good enough

That I am good

Even though I don’t always do the best

Or have the best

Or am the best

I’m good enough anyway

I know that my mistakes made me

My struggles formed me

My imperfections saved me

This is the me I’ve always wanted to be

And I’m incredibly fortunate to have someone that adores me

Just as I am







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