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Divorce is not for sissies

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It amazes me how much it still hurts

I dreamed of her last night

I dreamed that we were traveling somewhere together and in every interaction we had, it was evident that she had missed me immensely

I was racked with guilt over having left her

But mostly, I was sad

I was sad because, even in my dream, I knew in my heart that I had good reasons for leaving

I was sad because it was painful to have caused someone such pain

I was sad because I loved her

My would be 16th wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month

I have no idea what she’s been up to the past (almost) 3 years, but I still ache when I think about her

I wish with all my heart our story had ended differently

I know all the reasons why

I know that I did what I felt was necessary

I know that I’m happier now

But it’s still painful

There is a piece of me that will always be missing in the form of her

No matter what, she was and always will be my first love

I grieve our passing

It was a beautiful love story

One that I can never forget

Nor will I ever want to








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