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Bad Omen?

I’m running on fumes

I’ve been depressed for the past two weeks

I’m tired, burned out, and emotionally drained

Much of the time, I feel like I don’t know what to do anymore

I wish I could fall back asleep and stay in bed the minute I wake up

Lately, it feels like no matter what I do, things go wrong

For a while, things with me and Mr. Artist were great

Like walking on sunshine great

We even got a clean bill of health from the couples therapist

But then I get depressed because it’s that time of year when memories flood me and trigger grief and loss

Things just went down hill from there

My wedding dress came in and looked horrible on me and I can’t even return it

I found a different one and it didn’t fit so I have to return it for a different size

Valentine thought the cake topper was a yummy treat and chewed it up, so I had to order another one

And Mr. Artist is Man Child once again

Man Child gets silly and goofy at the worst times

Man Child goes on his own downward spiral about how he’s been dealt a bad deck of cards in life, when I know it’s really because of his choices and perspective on things

Man Child decides he is some kind of fucking scientist and needs to pick apart my kind deed of washing dishes for him

Man Child masturbates too much and it affects our sex life and he gets butt hurt when I get frustrated about it and now we are arguingĀ 

This is what I have to deal with, all while riding the wave of grief and depression

A word to the wise:

Don’t ever fall in love with a reformed bachelor

It’s all romantic like at first, because you are “the one”, but then shit gets real

It’s great when it’s great, but it fucking sucks when it’s hard

It makes me wonder, is this a bad omen?



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