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be kind.

I have been on an emotional journey of sorts these past two weeks

Besides the weather being abnormally rainy for Southern California (I deal with seasonal affective disorder), I had some upsetting things to deal with

Things like reminders of people lost and news of a health scare of someone I love dearly

On Valentine’s day, it hit me hard and I was being less than kind to myself

Depression can be so mean

I needed something to remind me that being kind is all there is to be

Especially to yourself

So I got this:

It is my permanent reminder of who I want to be

After a talk with my dear friend, Olivia, I realized that the depression was triggered by the fear of losing

I’ve lost more than I wish on anyone and I haven’t really stopped to process the emotional scars those losses left me

Losing someone you love hurts

It doesn’t matter if it’s by death or circumstance, it’s excruciating

I don’t want to lose anyone else

Except that losing is part of living

I am working hard to accept that

I will lose more people that I love

It is inevitable

It will hurt

I will cry

I will miss them

But I will be okay

Just as I always am








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