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Romance is in the eye of the beholder

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Our love story is far from perfect

Yet, I’ve had my share of fairy tale moments with him

Like when the couples therapist commented that he was really trying, he stated, “Well, I love her,” as though that is all the reason he needs to do anything ever

Or when he was buzzed Saturday night and said “I’m going to marry you” in a sing song voice

And the time we were dancing to music he hates and he kissed my hands and arms and lips will all the passion he could muster

Also, every time he tells me that sometimes he still can’t believe I’m real because he recalls the times his dream girl only existed in his dreams

Or when he snuggles close to me and whispers “good morning” in my ear after he pulls off his sleep apnea mask

Disney can keep their version of romantic moments

Mine are real




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