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There are moments when I swear I hate him

Like the moments he’s made me cry or has deeply let me down

Those moments make me question our future together

There are moments when I’m exhausted with him

Like Friday, when we spent all day hashing out the issues that needed addressing

Those moments I don’t want to be anywhere near him, that is, until I start to miss him

There are moments when I truly enjoy his company

Like today, laughing in the restaurant and recounting the first time we met

Those moments make me feel like the luckiest girl because we are our own world

There are moments when I am overwhelmed by love for him

Like this evening, laying in his arms and watching his eyes give me the look that makes me catch my breath

Those moments remind me of what happy feels like

He told me,

“When we first met, you were mine the moment our poetry connected. From the moment you wore my jacket. I knew you were mine the moment you told me you looked forward to my texts.”

I can’t claim to have had the same foresight

But I know this

I know he is mine because no matter the moment, good or bad, I always end up with the same conclusion

I am completely, impossibly, and persistently in love with him

God help me






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