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Wedding vow

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I’m getting married in March

March 24th

You’re all invited (in spirit)

Being the non-traditional couple that we are, we are writing our own vows

I’ve been struggling with how to say what I want to say without going full on cheesy

As far as wedding vows go, it’s a pretty hard line to walk

But I think I finally got it, in a fit of melancholic happiness (a rare, but beautifully inspiring mood)

I can’t get through reading it out loud without crying, so I think it’s a winner

Here is what I wrote:


Mr. Artist,

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the dark reality of the world

It can make me feel so sad

And I wonder where all the good has gone

But then I remember that I don’t have to face it alone

I have a wonderful partner who stays beside me

And helps me face the dark with new eyes

You give me a light to shine, so that I can see that there are beautiful things, even in the black

Your love reminds me that there is hope everywhere

No matter what

And new beginnings are possible

God couldn’t have blessed me with a more perfect match

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by your love

It makes me feel so happy

And I remember that good comes in the form of the person standing in front of me, holding my hand

As we commit the rest of our lives to each other

Till death do us part

I love you






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