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The designer

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My life feels like mine again

The beauty of healing is that it happens, whether you realize it or not

The sound of ticking clocks remind me that time keeps moving, and I must go with it

The past is a useful point of reference, but it is not meant to be lived in

The future is a useful point of motivation, but it is not meant to be chased

My continuous struggle is with living in the present

For a long time, my present was not the best place to be in, so I constantly lived in the future

For awhile, my past was a happy alternative to my present

But I have no reason for that now

My present is filled with love, friendship, freedom, and joy

I am blessed to live in a life I designed and love

The darkness that plagues me also provides an acute understanding of how precious these moments are

The moments where you are exactly where you are

Those are the moments to live for





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