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And that’s okay

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I’ve been feeling something that I haven’t felt in a long time…


I know the world is still on fire and everything is a mess, but I can’t help but feel like change is in the air

There are obvious reasons why I’m feeling this way: the new year, the change in government, the vaccine, the whispers from other believers that it always gets worse before it gets better

I think right about now, we all could use a bit of good news

But we may have to wait just a little longer

Patience, darling, the time will come

I never thought I’d be the one to help someone heal

I’ve been broken and tried so many times

in ways I didn’t always understand

But now I understand

My life’s experiences have been preparing me for now

My depression, my heartbreak, my grief, my trauma, my dysfunction, my mistakes, my loneliness, my pain

The things that left scars on my heart, those same things made me

Now, in the fire that is the world, I am a firefighter

I’ve been in the flames, I know what it’s like, I’ve gone through the painful healing process and now I can help others who are currently burning

I’ve come across so many burning people lately

And for once, I’m not one of them

I get to be source of hope and relief

Sometimes I get nervous and feel overwhelmed, like I’m responsible for having all the answers to everyone’s life problems

My husband told me once, when I was struggling with self doubt, was that my job is to “just listen to people.”

He didn’t mean it to diminish what I do, but to help me regain perspective of the basic foundation that therapy is built on

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that and lose perspective with thinking I have to be a fancy therapist with all the greatest interventions

But what I find over and over again, is that my greatest interventions are being empathetic, validating, and listening without judgement

Everything else just falls into place from there

One of my favorite things to say in sessions are “and that’s okay.”

It’s usually in regard to a feeling that has been shared that the person feels is shameful

I name their feeling and then end it with “and that’s okay. It’s what you do with it that matters.”

You may be discouraged, sad, lonely, angry, hopeless, jaded, or apathetic right now.

And that’s okay

Feeling are not good or bad, they just are

But what are you going to do with it?

I hope you choose hope

I hope you choose to keep going

I hope you choose kindness

I hope you choose growth

I hope you choose forgiveness

I hope you choose to live your life with purpose and meaning, in the way that brings you joy, because you are worthy of good things

And I hope you choose to believe that.

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