So this is really happening

I’m having a little boy!

It’s a bit weird to say that, even weirder to have seen his little arms and legs stretching out and moving in my womb in real time

I’m really going to have a baby

Today I received a package of onesies that my mom bought for me and it hit me how small he is going to be once he’s out in the world

And I felt suddenly protective of him

In all honesty, prior to that, I hadn’t been feeling particularly maternal

I’m still not a fan of being pregnant and, until now, I’ve mainly felt like I just have a beer belly without the beer

But I think it’s starting to sink in

Like, holy shit, I’m having a baby!

And he’s going to be small and cute and fragile and depend on me to protect and care for him

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by that and other times I’m excited by it

I feel both completely unprepared and moderately prepared and it just fluctuates by the minute

On the mental health front, I’m doing much, much better

I’m stable and acting and feeling like myself again

Pregnancy symptoms have become way more manageable, but definitely interesting

My feet and ankles swell so that sometimes I have cankles

I waddle instead of walk

My vanity has definitely taken a hit and I’ve just resigned myself to accepting that I’m the weirdly dressed pregnant woman who used to be attractive to others ( I was also a sometimes weirdly dressed non-pregnant woman, but at least I could dress up decent and pretend to be glamorous back then)

I get winded sometimes just walking across the room

Squatting and getting up are becoming a strategically planned event

I cannot sleep without my pregnancy pillow and even then, I wake up several times at night

My fingernails grow at super speed

I pee like 20 times a day

And I burp sooooo much because indigestion

Here are some photos for your amusement:

This is today
Two weeks ago
First ultrasound (The recent 3D ultrasound pictures to find out gender weren’t too great, so I’ll post an updated one once I get a better picture from the doctor)

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