💙 Do-over 💙

Today marks two weeks since I have been married

And I have to be honest, I’m loving it

It has not been perfect

We both have had to make adjustments to our routines and expectations

We came back from our lovely honeymoon to a rocky start, but after a heart to heart, we are more connected than ever

Yesterday, he was telling me how he feels he’s transforming into a different person, in a good way

He is, indeed, a different person from the one I first met 3 years ago

All of the core things that made me fall in love with him remain the same, but he has evolved. And I like it.

He asked me what this experience is like for me

I told him I feel like this is a do-over

I’m the person I’ve always wanted to be, in a relationship that I always wanted

I’m so much more patient, understanding, generous, communicative, and wise than I was in my previous marriage

I’m choosing not to place blame, not on her and not on myself

I believe she and I did the best we could with what we knew how

But now I know better, so I am choosing to do better

I’m also practicing being less controlling and more trusting

I tend to be self-sufficient (maybe a little too self-sufficient) and a control freak, with the underlying belief that my way is the best way

His consistency and willingness to help is fostering this practice of letting someone else take care of things, and trusting that they will do what they say

I feel our relationship getting stronger with each day

I see how vulnerable he makes himself with me, something he’s never done with anybody else, and it touches me that he trusts me so much

I love him

As for the wedding, it was so much fun and things turned out wonderfully

It was perfectly intimate and comfortable

I did the flowers and decorations (the venue staff put them up for me how I wanted) and everyone kept complimenting how lovely things looked

I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day and I didn’t get nervous at all

No butterflies, no shaking, no second thoughts

I was ready and enjoyed every single moment

Thank you all for seeing me though to this journey

Here’s some pictures I want to share of my special day:

Greeting table for reception

Dessert bar (We put out our favorite treats, like Mega stuffed Oreos)

Reception tables

We created the topper together. He loves Boba Fett (Star Wars) and I love Wonder Woman

Our little gift table


Being the non-conformist that I am, I wanted to wear a light blue, 50’s style prom dress for my wedding with a bird cage headband

Right after getting my hair and make up done



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