To all the ones I’ve loved

I don’t regret falling in love

Whether it was blind, or torrid, or accidental

I don’t regret loving

I don’t regret being the inspiration of stories, of art, of music

I don’t regret the inspiration that came from my deep passions and from my deeper heartaches

I count myself blessed to have lived several love stories

And to still be living one

Love is pain

Pain creates growth

Growth blossoms into beauty

First love

Last  love

Love in between

It is still love

Still wonderfully complicated and messy and amazing

Memories I treasure

Memories I’m currently making

Memories I will have

There will always be a place in my heart for our love

Whether it is past or current

Some loves last a long time and then slowly come to an end

Some loves burn fast and bright, only to be quickly snuffed out

While other loves build, and continue building, hopefully for a lifetime

I love




I do not regret it





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