Sometimes I want to scream

I enjoy being a therapist

And I’m good at it

Sometimes it’s mentally taxing

But the emotional strain is the worst

I’m really good at emotional boundaries as far as not taking my clients issues on or bringing them home

But dear Lord Jesus, how many times am I going to have to hear the same horrific accounts of sexual abuse that has plagued at least 75% of my female clients

It’s sickening at how common molestation and rape are

And it’s always the same perpetrators: grandpas, uncles, brothers, fathers, mother’s boyfriend, the neighbor, with the occasional tennis instructor, just for variety

I want them all castrated and put in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives

But all I can do is help clean up the emotional and mental mess they have made

And what a heartbreaking mess it is

Sometimes I want to scream

How can so many perverts walk around free like they aren’t the most disgusting human beings?

I really wanted a little girl

I wanted to teach her how to be the baddest ass little girl out there

She would breathe fire

But I’m having a little boy, instead

In full transparency, one of my first thoughts was, “Great, just what the world needs, another man”

I have to remind myself that all men aren’t bad

After all, I’m married to a good one

It’s just so frustrating when the predictor stereotype isn’t really a stereotype

So since I’m bringing another male into the world, I’m going to work my ass off to make sure he’s one of the good ones

He will be taught to respect women as equals

He will be taught consent

He will be taught manners

He will be taught kindness

He will be taught to be self sufficient and not depend on anyone to “serve” him

He will be taught that different is good and needs to be accepted

And he will be taught to stand up for himself and others, even if that means he gets in a fight (as long as he didn’t start it, I’m okay whim finishing it)

I will have a woke little boy, even if it’s the only thing I will ever accomplish in my life

That is a promise.

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