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I play with my ring when I’m nervous

And yes, you make me nervous

There is a way you look at me, with utter adoration, that stirs up some insecurity inside

The disbelief that this is real

The belief that I don’t deserve something this good

The fear that this won’t last

My mind is an abyss you will never fully know

But my heart is a gentle beast

One you have managed to charm and tame

My mind still trembles in your gaze

My heart basks in it

My mind keeps you at bay

My heart nuzzles you close

I am the ruler of my mind

You are the ruler of my heart

You terrify and overwhelm me with your undiluted love

Your affection slays me

Your commitment cripples me

We already know the kingdom that ultimately rules

I just like to pretend I’m still in control









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