The right to choose

For the record, I personally don’t agree with abortion.

I would never advise someone to get one nonchalantly like, nor would I choose to get one myself.

However, I don’t believe taking away a woman’s right to choose is the way to go.

Taking away choice doesn’t make things better for anyone.

It doesn’t stop people from having sex. It doesn’t stop unwanted pregnancies. It doesn’t make anyone more “moral”.

What it does do is create more risks, for both women and the unborn. It creates resentment, an increase in deaths from blotched homestyle abortions, an increase in unwanted children, an increase in abandoned children, an increase in abused and neglected children, and an increase in children born into poverty and a nation that has to support them.

No choice means that those who that fall in the gray areas are left without the medical help they need. Like women with unviable pregnancies. Or rape victims. No choice makes their already heartbreaking circumstance that much more unbearable.

I don’t think Jesus would approve of no choice. He didn’t get involved in politics and policy when he was on earth. He was a lead by example kind of guy. Maybe because He believes in choice.

The very fabric of the Bible is God giving us a choice to choose to follow Him or not. That’s how he created us to be. To have the ability to choose.

What we do need more of is education. Easier access to birth control. Early intervention in low SES communities. More protections around women’s safety. More comprehensive guidelines around abortion itself and what constitutes as one in the commonly understood way.

I have a front seat to what happens to children when they are born to people who are not ready or not willing to care for them. I have witnessed the trauma that being placed into the “system” does to children and the life long effects it has on them.

Every life matters. I believe that.

But I don’t agree with forcing someone to have a child when the consequence of it is going to hurt said child.

Those unborn babies are better off being with Jesus.

Just saying.

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