Too Legit To Quit

See the source imageIt’s official!

Your local disturbed therapist is now a licensed disturbed therapist!!!

(It’s actually licensed marriage and family therapist, but you get what I mean)

Soooo, why is that a big deal?

First of all, the clinical test was fucking long!!!!

170 questions in the form of vignettes and 4 hours to complete it

I managed in 3 hours and 40 minutes

Plus, studying was hard and took up most of my summer vacation

(It’s a tricky test)

Anyway, the perks of being licensed is as follows:

I can work for myself as a therapist, if I so choose to, you know,Β  private practice, like you see in movies

(But that’s a lot of responsibility and not super consistent. Plus, I really like my current job)

It also means I no longer need supervision of my work by a licensed therapist and I am held liable for my own therapeutic practices

I could also become a supervisor for other therapists after being licensed forΒ  two years

(Again, lots of responsibility, plus, seems boring to me)

But mostly it means that I have reached the ultimate goal and have jumped the very last hurdle in my career

I’m super legit, y’all!!!




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