My cat is a vampire

I adopted a stray cat with a heart of gold

Mr. Artist’s neighbors had taken him in earlier this year, but they moved across the country a couple of months ago and couldn’t bring him with them because he freaks out in the carrier

So they asked Mr. Artist’s parent’s to take care of him, which meant that Mr. Artist actually was the one to do it since they are gone for 6 months out of the year

He had to stay outdoors because they already have a cat and his parents didn’t want another

So where do I come in?

Well, since I go to visit Mr. Artist quite often, over time I got to know the little guy

And he just stole my heart

I’ve named him Sage

He’s an older cat who had exactly 3 teeth, including his two top massive canines

(I say “had” because I took him to the vet and he had to get them extracted since they were rotten, so now he’s all gums)


My new baby loves belly rubs and purrs like a motor

He’s super affectionate and gentle

He can be a little skittish around Valentine, but he’s slowly getting used to him

Valentine’s curiosity is brimming when it comes to Sage and the little grubby face would love it if Sage shared his food with him because apparently it smells delicious

Sage sleeps through most of the day and then, between 2-4am, he wakes up and explores the apartment, only to return to bed before sunrise

Two large fangs (before they were removed) and he only comes out at night…see where I’m heading with this? πŸ˜‰

I’ve never really been a cat person

I mean, I love all animals, but I generally prefer dogs

Adopting a cat was definitely not on my to do list

It’s been a week of adjustments and learning for all three of us

All things considered, it’s been a fairly good transition

Mr. Artist has been especially helpful and supportive (I love that man)

But even with things going well, it’s my nature to question whether I did the right thing

Tonight, while throwing out the trash, I saw a cat by the dumpster

I have no idea if it was a stray or a cat who’s owner lets go outside

Either way, it made me think of my old guy curled up cozily in in his bed, free from having to wander or experiencing more trauma than he’s already lived through

With me he gets unlimited affection and love, as well as all of his basic needs, and then some

Any lingering doubts I had about adopting him immediately disappeared

He has found his forever home

I’m happy to be his mama








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