Jumping hurdles

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Let’s see, where to begin?

I believe that Mr. Artist and I have managed to get past a major hurdle

Since our vacation in San Diego, we haven’t had any big arguments or misunderstandings

In fact, we seem to have gotten closer, with our communication being even more open and honest

Sex is back on the menu with regularity and is, in all honesty, better than ever

Some days we just hang out, others are full of passion and sweat

It’s the best of both worlds

Lately, we have been talking about future things, like a wedding and moving forward

We are kind of unofficially engaged because he hasn’t proposed yet but that’s because he is trying to clear some debt and save for the ring

We are both in the understanding that we are going to get married, it’s just a matter of when

And I’m feeling oddly comfortable with this idea

In fact, I’m feeling excited and ready for it to happen

I still have moments when I get anxious at the thought of having to share things with someone again and deal with their ways of living

But the more I talk to Mr. Artist about these anxieties, the more reassured I feel that we will be able to work through whatever hurdles come our way

I’m very grateful for this love

My feelings for this man have evolved so much since I first met him, last February

I have a feeling they will continue to evolve, hopefully getting deeper with each hurdle we scale

This most unexpected love isn’t necessarily what I had thought I wanted, but it’s exactly what I needed

And now I wouldn’t want anyone else





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