Little victories

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I am very proud of myself

It’s been over a month and I am still emotionally stable

I’ve worked my ass off to stave away the vicious depressive cycle that I’ve struggled with for the last 2 1/2 years

It takes so much awareness, prayer, and mental exercise to fight off the negative thoughts and messages my brain is accustomed to

I have to constantly use self talk and reframing to shift my perspective and keep myself in the now

But I’ve been doing it

For a while I thought that I might never find mental stability again

Like maybe something was permanently damaged inside of me

Then I started to feel better and my new fear became one of losing the calm and happiness that I had found

Today, I no longer have that fear

I feel secure that even if something bad were to happen, I’d be able to handle it without slipping away for eternity

Sometimes I forget how tough I am

I have to remind myself of the things I’ve survived so that I give myself grace for the time that it has taken me to get to this place

My therapist pointed out to me that I’ve dealt with some huge life changes and loss that not everyone has or will experience and have come out on the other side, flourishing

She said that she is confident that I’d be able to handle anything that may come my way

I feel confident in saying that she is right

I’ve already proven it






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