My post on the Crusade. A written snapshot of a real moment.

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“You’re my destiny.”

He waited expectantly

She hesitated then said, “I’m not sure I believe in destiny”

“It’s funny that you believe in God and ‘meant to be’, but not destiny,” he replied

She stopped and thought about it

“I suppose it’s that my understanding of destiny has changed. I used to believe that once you found your destiny, it stayed with you forever. Now I know that finding destiny doesn’t mean forever. Maybe it is meant to be but there’s no forever. Maybe it’s just meant to be for a little while.”

He looked at her with hopeful blue eyes and said, “I could be forever”

She smiled softly, a hint of sadness shadowing her brown eyes

Broken hearts heal slowly

“I hope so,” she said


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I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

8 responses to “Destiny

  • laurelwolfelives

    I don’t believe in destiny. So many things have happened that I would have never in a million years believed would have happened. Win, lose or draw…not destiny…probably just fate.

  • survivednarc

    Sadly I don’t believe in it anymore either. And sad as it sounds I think we are better off not expecting truly that something will last forever. Then we are less disappointed when/if it ends, and all the happier each day that it lasts… just my 2 cents. God I sound so cynical, but don’t mean it that way, lol. 🙂 💙

    • samlobos

      I understand what you mean. It’s devastating to realize that there is no guarantee of forever, especially when it comes to love. Hugs💙💙

      • survivednarc

        Yes, I think that in reality I understood that with my very first relationship 15 – 17 years old, engaged and all and then BAM, he broke my heart and left. That is when I logically understood that probably all loves will end, somehow, some day. But, I think I have supressed that knowledge many times after that, to be able to start a new relationship with hope still in my heart. I think that after a certain numbers of serious relationships, you start to guard your heart very much. I have had many serious relationships but they all ended for a variety of different reasons. Now, I have lowered my expectations a lot, I don’t expect forever. I would be happy with just 10 years and getting a child from the deal. Lol. 😉
        Hugs! 💙

      • samlobos

        At least you have that hope💙I hope for that and more for you😘

      • survivednarc

        Hope, that is stretching it a bit, lol! Right now I am not hoping much at all. But I do have some physical needs so I guess I do at least have hope of those being fulfilled some time soon, haha. 😉 That isn’t too bad, either. We gotta start small, sometimes. That said, I do have great hopes for you and Mr. Artist. Seems like you have had a great ride so far, with only some small bumps in the road. It does seem like a genuine love is there though, so I truly hope that it lasts for as long as you wish! That would honestly give me a bit more hope too 😉 lol. Hugs 💙💖

      • samlobos

        Thank you my friend 😊

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