Steals #56

I absolutely fell in love with this! So well written! Issa has a knack for finding great quotes and articles. I was compelled to share this one.

Music + Heartbeat = life

I believe in loving like you give a shit
By Jordan R. Gray

I believe in loving like you give a shit.
I believe in being overly affectionate in public. Even if it means that those who are envious label you as ‘that couple’ or tell you to get a room.
I believe in flirting with someone you’ve been with for years.
I believe in seeking out our barriers to intimacy and working our way through them.
I believe in forgiveness, and acceptance, and our ability to move on when others have hurt us.
I believe in the healing power of listening. And empathy. And a well-timed, genuine “me too.”
I believe in apologizing when we’ve done something wrong. And taking full ownership of our part of the relationship. And embracing total responsibility for ourselves and our behaviour in our lives in general.
I believe in the sexiness of self-care…

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