The luckiest girl

After my S.O.S post yesterday, I feel like I should update whoever cares about what’s going on with me.

Right after I wrote that post, I went to meet his parents, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend because it was Mr. Artist’s 41st birthday.

I temporarily contemplated chickening out, imagining all the horrible scenarios that could go wrong should I attend.

But I went through with it, mostly because I said I would go and he had called me earlier in the morning to see if I was still up for it (because he knows I’m skittish like a wild dog).

Turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

His family liked me.

Like REALLY liked me.

His mom is adorable and was so welcoming, her personality is much like Mr. Artist’s.

His father is rough around the edges but seemed to enjoy my company a lot because he told me countless stories, poked fun at me, and was nicer to the boys than he normally is (that’s what everyone kept saying)

As for my doubts and fear of things like “clicking” with Mr. Artist, yeah, that dissipated as soon as I saw him.

It was like all of my overthinking and anxiety didn’t make any sense once I was with him.

I immediately forgot everything I was so scared of.

He was a complete sweetheart all day, making sure I was okay, catering to and serving me.

I’m not used to that.

I loved it.

Seeing him interact with his family was cute too.

He’s very thoughtful and catering with them as well.

He loves his mother to death.

I spent 9 hours with them and didn’t even realize it.

I’m not used to things being this easy.

I’m used to there being conflict and complications.

Yes, my past two loves (and a half if you count Mr. K, ha, ha) have been passionate and intense from the beginning with an urgency to them, but they were full of turmoil.

It’s nice to have slow and steady for a change.

There’s this song that I’m absolutely in love with by Borns called “American Money”.

I think of Mr. Artist when I hear it.

I’ve been playing it on repeat over and over and over.

Today I was driving and thought, I’m really lucky.

Here’s this guy who thinks I’m amazing and treats me really good.

He tells me I’m beautiful and means it.

He wants to please me however he can (in lots of ways ;))

He’s passionate, thoughtful, affectionate, communicative, attentive, and sweet.

He listens.

And he appreciates me.

After we had sex the other night, when we were saying goodbye, he had this huge smile on his face. Being the sarcastic smart ass that I am, I told him not to be too proud of himself (because he had made me climax fairly strongly) and he looked at me with that smile and said, “I’m not proud. I just feel like the luckiest guy in the world.”












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