Sex Is Fundamental

Exactly this.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

American’s are weird about sex. Very weird. We use sex to sell everything in America from hamburgers to perfume to children’s toys. We sexualize our daughters from day one. We make sex a staple of comedy, tragedy and it is mostly what we watch on the Internet. We pursue it, we capture data on it, we demand it so much we are legalizing rape and upskirt photos.

However, if someone actually dares to embrace their sexuality, be positive about their sexuality, unashamedly like sex we reduce them to sluts, ‘ho’s, and horn-dogs. A woman who enjoys sex and has more than just a few partners becomes unworthy of marriage and open to slut shaming. A man can have conquests, but if he manifests a truly healthy interest in sex and does not use it as a means of oppression and force, then he is also slut shamed.

Finally, sex fills…

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5 responses to “Sex Is Fundamental

  • Tony Single

    Yes, I’m tired of the slut shaming that goes on too, and the constant refrain that sex isn’t important. Thanks for highlighting this post, Sam.

  • savingshards

    Such a dichotomy. Almost every 35+ married woman I know has an attitude that is basically “sex is okay…I mean I like sex and all…but I don’t really care…” Now I understand how incredibly important the communication of sex (love how the author talks of this) is. It IS its own form of communication and sharing and meaning, and essential to a healthy relationship (barring some specific medical situation, etc) for the WHOLE of the relationship. Thanks for this, Sam. It was really insightful.

    • samlobos

      You’re welcome. I read a reblog of it on another site and had to spread it. I loved how the author talked about it too. I’ve known too many sexless couples and have seen and heard of the damage it does to the relationship.

  • Ocean Bream

    Wow thanks for sharing. It’s so important, but people rarely see it that way. I have seen it so much in my own marriage.

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