Stood up!!!!





I was supposed to meet with Mr. Horny tonight.

Remember him?

Okay, so he’s been texting me every morning asking me how I am, trying to flirt with me, etc.

This morning he texted me and asked me how my day is.

I told him I was still in bed so it was great.

He asked me if I had the day off of work and I said yes.

He said that maybe we could hang out today.

I asked if he would rather hang out today or Tuesday and he said he wanted to hang out on both days.

So I asked him what time and where.

He didn’t respond until a couple of hours later and said about 9ish.

I told him that was too late because I go to work early.

He said okay, what about 8ish?

I said, okay and then asked where.

He said his house.

I told him I needed the address.

He didn’t respond.

So then about 2 hours later I texted him again saying that I still didn’t have his address.

He texted back saying he would give it to me once his son goes home.

Fast forward to 6:30.

Still hadn’t heard from him.

So I texted him saying that I assume we are still on but I don’t have his address so that’s going to be a problem.


7:15 rolls around.

I text, “Soooo, what’s going on?”


8pm arrives and I finally tell him that I don’t like waiting around for someone who’s not that interested so I guess we won’t be meeting after all.

He finally texts back and says “Sorry, still at my nieces bday party”


He couldn’t have told me this like 3 hours ago?

It doesn’t take long to send a quick text.

What an inconsiderate asshole!

I just responded “forget it”

I’m so pissed off.

I got half ready for nothing.

It’s 8:40 and he just texted me “I’m really sorry, I just got home”

I can’t even.

I will rip his head off.

So I’m just going to bite my tongue because it’s not worth it.

What a douche.


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I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

28 responses to “Stood up!!!!

  • survivednarc

    Please. Please. Do NOT fall for his excuses and explanations, if he ever bothers with coming up with those, in the future. He is a complete douchebag at best, and a narcissist at worst! I get very nasty flashbacks from reading this, from my relationship with mr. Narc… he could never value and respect another person’s time. Huge red flag! Run the other way…

    I am sorry you were stood up. But it is not you. At all. It is only him and his issues. I would block him i I were you, just to not risk being subjected to shit like that ever again from him. You deserve 1000 times more. 💕💝💞🌸🌺🌷

    • samlobos

      Thank you. He apologized but hasn’t made any efforts to “make it up” to me, which makes me feel like he wasn’t very interested to begin with. It’s so frustrating! I just don’t understand how inconsiderate some people can be, especially in this case. Ugh

      • survivednarc

        Hmm, I get what you’re saying.. but still, even if he’s “not that interested”, he shouldn’t have acted like that. I mean, he did actually say that he wanted to hang out “both days”, didnt he… or am I remembering wrong.. and then anyway, he said he wanted to meet up… so, still, if he is not interested, it is common courtesy to let the other person know, so they don’t waste time waiting for someone. That is time you could have spent better (What if you had cancelled plans to go to the cinema with a friend, just to be with him? Just as an example)… This sort of behavior really pisses me off, cause I think it is utterly disrespectful.. but the only good thing is that you got to see it early on… sorry you had to see it though. I have made one rule for myself now since all the crap like this… If they are flaky with texting, popping up and disappearing, they are out quickly.. hopefully next guy is a real and genuine person… hugs!! 💜 💕🌺🌷🌹

      • samlobos

        You are right. Better to have seen it now before my time was wasted. Thank you my friend.💙

  • rachel

    inconsiderate. 🙄

  • crystalempath

    Sorry. Red flags!! He is a narc. He’s conditioning you to really appreciate and feel grateful for any little pathetic thing/attention he gives you. They do this so that whenever he does treat you like a decent human being, with some sort of common courtesy, you will think much more than you normally would of him. He’s testing your boundaries. I don’t know you, but no one deserves that kind of treatment ever. If you choose to keep him in your life plz keep a journal (i guess your blog might be satisfactory so you soon will see his true character) Like you said, It takes nothing on one’s part to send a quick text if plans need to alter…this is just reaction seeking behaviour on his part. Sorry. Better to see it now before your heart and life is too invested. May you have the strength to honour yourself fully. Blessed be ❤

    • survivednarc

      Hey crystalempath, do you have a blog, by any chance? I love your thoughts that you bring to the table.. 🙂

      • crystalempath

        Hi there survived narc !
        My thoughts have often got me into trouble for voicing them, so I guess I’ve kind of been conditioned to being seen and not heard (another vivid childhood instruction “children are to be seen and not heard” that I was told, if I ever dared question anything or simply tried to vent). And so, I was always seen as shy. Yet strangely, I have always felt this need to stand up/speakup to those involved when I deem that others are being unfairly treated; despite their social standing, as I saw them, at that moment, as merely people; nothing more, nothing less. I became somewhat fearless during those moments. My logic here, is that this, is something that definitely was not acceptable in my world of mandatorily being required to respect elders and anyone of authority. I was to always be compliant and to hold my tongue, as anything less is both unacceptable and disrespectful. My inhibitions and fears of reprimand or disapproval simply seem to vanish whilst helping others; until I notice that additional others are “hearing” me. Then I am filled with self doubt once more. Normally, I fear what I have to say is pointless, unworthy or will be judged harshly by others, or perhaps even offend others. Yet, I often think I judge myself much more harshly over the years than any decent human being ever could.
        I guess that is the only reason I can see, as to why I never made an actual post to the blog I opened a while ago. I was reading others posts over a period of time and just felt a connection. As though I was amongst kindred spirits. I respected everyone’s passion to express themselves in the many ways they do here. Whilst I am not always interested in the subject matters presented on wordpress, the sentiments are glorious. I wish I was as brave…maybe one day I will dare to be. Thanks for the sentiment ❤

      • survivednarc

        Hello again, Crystalempath. Thanks for your answer, which was sort of heartbreaking to read. I am really sorry that you have experienced this in your past. In my eyes, you have a great way of expressing yourself, so I am sure that you could contribute a lot, if you had your own blog. I am still glad that you contribute in the way of commenting, of course. It is just that it is a bit harder to “follow” you and your thoughts, that way. 😉

        If you ever do start posting blogs, I would appreciate if you would let me know. Take care! 💜

  • laurelwolfelives

    “Mr. Horny.” You crack me up! So, when Loser would tell me he would take me somewhere and his little brother showed up….I should have known? LOL
    You’re right…this guy is a douche! I’d have said “you were at your nieces’ birthday party? Get a piece of cake and smash it in your face for me!”

  • survivednarc

    Hey sam, beautiful. You will probably smack me in the head for this, since you are strong and fierce and rebellious, and made your own rules, last time you were nominated for this award…. but you got to bite down on it… I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award (since I myself got nominated once again, hee hee). See my post on it, here:


  • Casual Procrastinator

    What a loser… it doesn’t take much to give someone a heads up. When you treat others like they’re not a priority, you get what’s coming to you. You were looking sharp though, good on you.

  • Michelle

    We are related. That’s it. We are! Hugs love ❤️ Fuck that guy! (Not literally… You know what I mean!)

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