I got my feel licked today.

Do you remember reading about the foot licker?

Probably not, you can read about it here.

Anyway, he contacted me on Friday, almost a month from when he first messaged me.

Asked me if I had changed my mind.

I started asking him questions like how many other women had he asked, how did they react, when’s the last time he had licked someone’s feet.

As he answered the questions, I felt myself feeling bad for him.

He’s been told things like “gross” and called a creep, weirdo, etc.

It had been 7 years since he’d last licked a foot and that’s because his last girlfriend thought it was gross.

I told him it wasn’t gross, just unusual.

He thanked me.

I could tell he felt like a creeper asking strange women to lick their feet and yes, it certainly is odd, but it’s not as bad as being asked to have sex with a stranger.

I mean, probrecito (means poor little man in Spanish), the guy just wants to lick some feet.

Plus, I’ve had my feet licked and toes sucked before.

It’s no big deal.

So I agreed.

He was shocked but excited.

We met at an empty parking lot near a closed down Best Buy and I hopped in his car, took off my socks and shoes and let him at it.

He licked my feet heels to toe.

His tongue was soft and felt good, almost like getting a foot massage.

He tried to make small talk as he did it because he felt nervous and uncomfortable.

I just sat quietly and smiled at him from time to time.

He’s a 3rd grade teacher, mild mannered, nerdy looking middle aged guy.


When he had gotten his fill, he stopped and told me that was all he needed.

I smiled, asked him if it felt good and if it would hold him over for a while.

He said yes and thanked me.

I didn’t make him pay me since it would have made it feel even weirder than it was.

I just considered it charity.

I’m a softie that way.



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I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

24 responses to “Feet

  • MrJohnson

    Sounds like you have a back up job.

  • sonofabeach96

    At the risk of sounding like the dad that I am, and its kicking in to high gear after reading this, please be careful. The whole “meeting him in a parking garage and hopping into his car” thing had my spidey senses on high alert! Just be careful.

  • My Made Up Hard Life

    Well, isn’t that interesting! Can’t say I have ever wanted to lick a foot, but hey, everyone has their thing, right?

  • rachel

    you are so sweet. was he turned on?

  • lifeaslucyjane

    Huh I’ve never had my feet licked lol did it feel good to you?

  • mysecretme75

    I agree. You could go into the service of offering feet to foot lickers. No worse then sending your dirty panties to people right? I couldn’t do it myself. I mean in an intimate setting with a lover sure I could let it happen but not randomly with some stranger. That’s a kind service you provided. Foot fetish guys need love too right?

    • samlobos

      Lol!! It’s a special population I’m willing to donate my feet to

    • Lance Martin

      Im straight but I offer my feet to gay foot fetishists in need, it feels incredible to get your soles licked, getting toes sucked is nice too but a big sole lick that goes over the arch is the best.
      I too have met foot guys in ways like that, but not as sketchy being I’m a guy. Anyway, its not too sketchy really, and you could always kick the guy if he gets a bit rapey

  • survivednarc

    There are people for all sorts of things… I feel sorry for the guy too. But he wouldn’t get anywhere near my feet.. mostly because it would just feel too weird for me. Lol. I am with the dad comment here – Do be careful, we never know if people have more violent urges deep down (Well if they are not so well-known to us, but more like strangers). A good samaritan act from you, I totally get it. But I am STILL with Sonofabeach a bit, in worrying about your safety.. then again I know you are a warrior and a wolf, soooo you are strong.. Just be safe sweet friend. 🌸🌻🌸

  • emmagc75

    Omg! LMAO! How bizarre but sweet of u 🙂

  • Lance Martin

    something about teachers and feet…
    I am straight but I like to offer my feet to gay foot lovers
    the first guy to lick my feet was a teacher, I was 21 and he was like 55, he was too worried about tickling me to lick my feet properly, just light glances of the tongue.
    I have only met foot guys through sites like Craigslist and facebook and such, I never even ask for the guys picture cause I dont care what he looks like, as long as he really wants to lick my feet and has good hygiene Im good.
    I have had a few guys pay me but mostly just a charitable act, though with how good it feels to me most of the times I feel its more a symbiotic act.
    Anyway, I am 33 now and I still like letting guys lick my feet, its kinda a side of me I guess because I like doing all the normal stuff with a fine lady, but I’d never even mention to her that I like my feet licked, but if she licked my feet randomly I’d let her know I like it by doing like that noise a dog makes when you scratch behind their ear just right.
    anyway thanks for reading all this, and maybe we should set up a foundation to offer up our feet to those in need, sure would be better than my current job

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