I don’t give a fuck


Love for you tends to be ‘all or nothing’. You love deeply and can be quite forgiving even if you feel wronged. Being a water sign, your emotions are intense and you will put every ounce of your being into this relationship. That said, your choice of partner is all-important – make sure your date is healthy minded as you will devote full attention. Your love becomes your full-time muse so spend time getting to know them before you fully commit. You are one of the most unwavering lovers, purely dedicated.

*Taken from: https://www.yahoo.com/makers/makes-attractive-according-zodiac-sign-191016688.html


That’s me all right.

I’m a Scorpio all the way.

Here’s where I am in this whole dating thing: I.Don’t.Give.A.Fuck.

I’ve gotten to the point where I know this is all bullshit and I’m tired of walking around it so I’m just going to bulldoze through it.

I think I’m finding my niche.

You see, when I don’t give a fuck, I’m even more straightforward and sassy.

I just say it like it is.

I think it might work for me.

For example, there’s this guy who messaged me on OkC two days ago.

He had one picture and he was wearing sunglasses and a hat in it so I couldn’t really tell what he looked like, but I responded anyway because I figured, “Why not?”

We messaged for a bit and he asked for my number.

He waited a while to text me and then it was a bit sporadic.

To me, sporadic translates into not very interested (just my experience so far) so I was already prepared for it to die off.

The next day he texted me in the morning consistently and mentioned how he would like to hang out with me. I told him I had plans but we could spend time together in between.

About two hours later he still hadn’t responded so I followed up with, “Or not… guess TV is really interesting.” (because he had told me he was just watching TV all morning).  I’m a smart ass. I fully own this.

He didn’t reply  and several hours went by so I deleted his messages, figuring I wasn’t going to hear from him again.

Oh, well. Next!

In the evening, I get a text saying, “Hey”  from a number I didn’t recognize and seeing as I’ve had a lot of guys texting me and I’ve stopped saving their numbers because they come and go with the wind, I replied, “Who’s this?”

He texted back, “Really?”

I replied, “Yeah.”

Then he told me his name and I told him that I had assumed he’d lost interest because I didn’t hear back from him so I erased the messages.

My bad.

Anyway, he texted me for a bit then disappeared, but this time I kept the messages since I figured this is probably his pattern.

Today my parent’s were supposed to visit me but my mom got sick and they couldn’t. So I was laying in bed and he texted me, wondering what I was doing.

He mentioned that if he didn’t have his son with him, he’d be spending time with me, watching movies and eating take out.

I told him that sounded nice.

Then he said, “We can give each other massages.”

I told him, “I don’t know about that.”

He asked why not and if I was affectionate.

I replied, “Very. I just know that massages lead to sex and I’m not having sex with anyone right away.” (For those of you who have been following me, you know this is something I’m working on, but he doesn’t have to know that)

Apparently his interest was peaked and he acted like he wasn’t aware of that and asked when’s the last time a massage led to sex for me.

Because I don’t know him and don’t care what he thinks, I told him a week ago (you know, Mr. Awkward)

Oh boy. That opened a can of worms.

All of a sudden he was 20 questioning my ass and all interested in who this other guy was and how many times we had sex.

He was especially curious about what race this guy is and what my “type” is.

He started asking about my sex drive and wanting to know when the last time I had sex was.

Because I’m tired of pretending I’m not into sex as much as I am, I was honest and told him that I have a high sex drive and the last time I had sex was last week.

Then I told him all these questions were becoming tiresome.

He asked me if I don’t like to talk about sex and that it’s been 4 months for him so he’s “super horny.”

I replied that I didn’t even know if I was attracted to him because all I saw was one picture and I couldn’t really see his face.

He sent me a picture right away.

He’s actually pretty good looking, better looking than other guys I’ve gone on dates with.

So I told him he was good looking because he wanted to know if he was my “type”.

Then he asked if he was better looking than Mr. Awkward and I said, “Maybe.”

“Do you love big cocks?” That was his next question.

So at this point, there was only two ways for me to go. I could either play into his sex talk or verbally slap him.

Here’s what I said:

“You think you’re the only horny guy wanting to have sex with me? If you’re interested with me, you’re gonna have to go about it differently.”

He immediately texted back, “Ok, I’m sorry.”

Remember how I don’t give a fuck?

Well, here’s how I responded to that:

“I love sex. I love talking about it, sexting, phone sex, all of it. I’m very sexual. But I’m not looking for sex with just anyone. I’m not looking for hookups. That’s easy to get. I’m looking for a real connection.”

Ready for his  response?

“Are you free Tuesday night?”



I’m pretty sure all he saw was that I love sex, but hey, at least I leveled with him.

He probably thinks I’m a challenge but I don’t care because I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do.

It’s like the more I don’t give a shit, the more they want and the more shit they’ll take from me.

For instance:

Mr. Awkward contacted me.

I laid it all out to him, how I felt, how he didn’t give me what I wanted, how I want someone secure in himself,  and he still wanted to hang out.

I told him I wasn’t going to have sex with him again.

He still wanted to come over.

So I let him.

(Okay, I was bored and lonely and I had a headache and he said he would massage me. He offered!)

He gave me a massage, a pretty good one actually and there was some heavy foreplay, which he’s good at, but no sex.

Because it’s not worth my while.

Plus, the foreplay is the best part.

Hey, if he’s cool with it, I’m okay with getting a rise and then sending him home.

Like I said.

I don’t give a fuck.













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I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

20 responses to “I don’t give a fuck

  • laurelwolfelives

    LOL. You go girl! Tell it like it is!

  • emmagc75

    I’m an Aries but this is the way I’ve always been with guys. I say what I think and feel. Either they’re good to me or they’re gone lol. I’m glad you’re finding your way 🙂

  • sonofabeach96

    He probably heard, “I like sex…wah wah, wah wah wah, wah…”. Or, maybe he’s actually a nice guy who’s horny, and now he knows you’re not to be fucked with, which intrigues him. If he’s wise, it’s the latter.

  • savingshards

    Well, Sam. I do give a fuck. And I just want you to take care of you. Be careful, ok?

  • survivednarc

    Ok. I gotta tell it like it is; I am not impressed with this guy. At all… from what you described. He seems way too inconsistent with the texting…not texting.. texting again, etc. In my eyes that is a huge red flag … all men who have been douchebags in my life, have had that in common… Just saying.. anyway, since you don’t give a fuck ( I LOVE that; and feel exactly the same right now lol)… you could meet and see if there is anything more to him than “I’m horny”.. who knows, sometimes people surprise us…😜 take care, beautiful friend!💕💖💝

    • samlobos

      Lol! I don’t have my hopes too high about him either. I’m not even sure we’ll meet, guys change their minds more than they do their underwear. I’m just going with the flow and gonna keep telling it like it is. Doesn’t matter if he likes it or not. 😁😉

  • SheIsFemale

    Fellow Scorpio here.
    Relating to your excitement at the thrill of the chase, and the desire to truly be who you feel you are, inside and out.
    I relate to that desire so strongly, and I want to encourage you with all my years in a life of searching: Go with your first instincts. If something feels funky, it is. I went through this last year with MC. He seemed great on some level, but “something wasn’t right.” My being was trying to tell me to get out of that situation and I pooh-poohed it because I was curious and intrigued and attracted to him. It got me in a sticky sitch, partly of my own making. I got out, but I struggled and I didn’t have to.

    My two cents is that you are strong and beautiful and capable and deserving of respect and value in every way. Any person who disappears and meanders is not looking to respect or value you. They’re playing along until they can get what they want – and it isn’t you. It’s what they can take.

    You deserve better. I’m just gonna keep saying it. Never settle! There is a man or woman out there who will respect and value you and treat you the way you want to be treated. Believe that. And until that person comes into your life, however they do, you are awesome just as you are.

    Loneliness will pass.
    It has to. Yes, it will come back. And then it will pass again. Keep doing things that are meaningful to you. Take care of your precious self. Be with trusted friends. Family. Write, create, flirt and walk away, knowing you don’t need anything they have, because it’s all in you already.

    Some of this I’m saying to myself. It’s hard being single. I’ve also found it’s harder to get over attempts at relationships or liaisons that left me lonelier than I was before.

    It’s late here and I’m rambling, I know. I hear myself in you and my spidey senses are tingling. I feel protective and want to keep us safe from these characters.

    Write on. Keep writing.

    Hugs from your Scorpio friend. 🙂

    • samlobos

      I so appreciate your input. I have also sensed similarities between us and I appreciate you sharing the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experience. It helps me to remember to take care of myself above all, something I’m still getting used to doing. 💙💙

  • Michelle

    I’m an Aquarius and the queen of not giving a fuck! Men are fucking stupid. It’s exhausting to deal with this shit but I’m glad to know I’m not alone!

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