Compliments #9

He said, ” I bet sex with you is amazing.”

I asked what made him think of that.

He answered, “You have this sexy aura.

Like I bet you fuck well.

Really well.

Am I wrong?”

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22 responses to “Compliments #9

  • creativerational

    I have had a few come ons like this. This obscene flattery works really well on me, and I like to think I am a good fuck. But really….. It just means I’m a hole. I’m this thing to be used. I don’t mean anything. I get enough of that in my reality, I don’t need to start up a side business of being a hole to others too. Fuck. It makes me even lonelier.

    • samlobos

      OMG!!! We should be best friends!!! I feel the exact same way!!!! I put these up because sometimes I can’t believe what guys have told me. I generally feel a mixture of flattered, horrified, and insulted. Some of the ones I put up are because they are nice. Others are just WTF?!?

      • creativerational

        I found that when I explain that I get a mix of ‘don’t take it like that, I mean we just have a connection… And that would make you a good fuck… And a soul mate?’ Like ‘how is this con working?’ And I say something like ‘no, that’s HOLE mates’ and then they get mad that I’m not responding to the love bombs

      • samlobos

        Lol!! I hear you! I’m so done! I want to be wooed, I want romance, I want to be seen as a human being!!! Is that too much to ask?!?!

      • creativerational

        I dunno. I have been superchumped and am just trying not to murder my husband or end up bankrupt. So… I have no unbiased answers right now, I’m just heart broken and sad and horny and playing the part of the happy idiot wife he thinks I am. I would welcome a good come on right now because I’m pretty sure my self esteem can’t get any lower and I am full up of ‘get the fuck away from me’ for all men so i just need the attention. Damn I am a mess

      • samlobos

        😔 I’m sorry. If you want a good ego boost, make a dating profile. You’ll get all kinds of crazy come on’s and compliments. (I’m just trying to make you smile. But it’s also sorta true.)

      • creativerational

        Bleck. Not a chance. But thanks! I KNOw that would get me all sorts of attention which would just mess with my head more.

  • Underdaddy

    And they said chivalry was dead… classy dude. At least he said well and not good. Slight hint of refinement.

  • nazamwasi

    Haha – It’s nice to know that others have fallen victim to this line.. I remember when a guy said this to me I thought at the time that there was no way this was actually said by other men but low and behold!

  • survivednarc

    Oh no, if he said that to me, he’d be blocked.☺ I need a guy who is subtle, but not vague, if that makes sense. Honey, you do deserve romance! I hope it comes along soon 💜💜

  • La Quemada

    I used to get weird shit like that from so many guys (like this big married guy at least 25 years older than me after a BUSINESS LUNCH for god’s sake). For a while I even thought that’s all there was out there. Then I accidentally met my husband, and he’s completely transformed my idea of what it means to be loved. So yes, it is worth waiting around for someone who adores you (and then has great sex with you because he bothers to notice who you are and what you like).

  • emmagc75

    Only an ahole looking for a quick f**k would talk like that to a woman he doesn’t know. It’s not sexy, it’s disrespectful. It’s okay to think that but to say it to a stranger? Uggh pathetic lol.

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