The male ego

Mr K has a bit of a fragile ego. For being such a guy’s guy, he is kinda delicate.

It’s no surprise that I have an insatiable sexual appetite lately.

I mean, going over a year without sex after having it at my disposal for 13 years will do that.

Plus, being in my thirties has really kicked it up into overdrive.

But back to Mr. K.

Surprise, surprise, I was feeling incredibly frisky last night and was trying to convince him that maybe one more tryst wouldn’t be so bad.

Yeah, that’s how desperate I got.

Damn hormones.

(Honestly, if I want just sex, I could get it easily. I’ve had a few offers. But I’m trying not to go there. I don’t want to lose myself completely).

Anyway, he was surprisingly hesitant but not for the reason you may think.

This is what he said (texted):

“Idk. You are sexy and a turn on. But in all honesty it’s an ego blow when i cant get you off.”

Yeah… Because he didn’t make me climax through penetration. Even though we went for a couple of rounds.

So my frisky ass explains to him that it was also our first time together and I respond best to oral (I was with a woman for all those years, I got spoiled).

He said he doesn’t “always like eating pussy” and then this:

“It’s more of a turn on for me knowing we are both getting off.

And I just can’t hit your buttons.

So that combined with what we talked about earlier and it’s not a good idea.”

Okay, so anyone else would have been okay, that’s fine. Then let it go. But I was very turned on and probably more like a man at that point so I said I understood, that he was probably right, but that I still thought that in the future he probably could make me cum once we got to know each other’s bodies better.

I also explained that I’m still adjusting to being with a man and it still hurt some whenever he would go in and by the fourth and fifth time it got better.

He wasn’t convinced.

So I asked if we would still be friends.

His reply:

“Of course. I said I couldn’t make you cum. Still think I can make you smile 😉 ”

And that’s why I like him.

What I didn’t tell him is that it takes me a little longer to climax because I’ve been taking anti-depressants for 12 years now. Those things destroy your sex drive, so the fact that I have one (and a pretty hearty one at that) and that I can even reach climax is a huge fucking deal. My ex (who was amazing with her mouth, just saying) had to take her time with me because it takes more time and effort, but I do get there. Eventually. It’s not personal.

I’m not sure I want or need to explain this to him because chances are, we won’t get together again and will lose interest/touch eventually. I suppose if it comes up again, I might. But for now, we’ll just be friends for a bit and I’ll keep having naughty daydreams about him until I find someone else to tickle my fancy.

And hopefully someone more patient and willing to please in bed.

Goddamn it, have I been reduced to this?

This is ridiculous…


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