WTF OkCupid?!?

This is my third week give or take a few days being on OKCupid. I cancelled Zoosk. It wasn’t doing much besides allowing a bunch of creepers to view my profile over and over and over again. Seriously, same guys. I even started recognizing their faces…

Anyway, OKC is okay so far. It’s been a much better experience than Zoosk was, that’s for sure. But I got this email from OKC the other day:



First of all, I’m hot?!? Did the measure for “hotness” go down or something? I don’t know… This puzzles me. (I’ve always thought of myself as being average looking, if I’m being brutally honest. And also, I don’t get the hoopla over the pictures on my profile. Maybe everyone else sees something I don’t…)

Secondly, so because I’m deemed “attractive”, I get to have a look at the other attractive people? !?

I didn’t know I was being blocked from doing that before…

What the fuck, OkCupid?!?

Isn’t dating supposed to be equal opportunity?!?

This bothered me a bit. Not about being categorized as not as attractive before all the “likes” or what not (because I really don’t give a fuck), but I don’t like the idea that the amount of “likes” a person gets determines who their profile is pimped out to or not. Seems a bit wrong to me…

Attractiveness is objective. Who I find attractive might not be attractive to others and vice versa. Or am I just naïve?

Anyway, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my “matches”.

In all honestly though, I haven’t been looking much lately.

I haven’t had to, I get quite a bit of messages and really, I’m tired of being the one initiating conversations.

Plus, I may be currently distracted with someone…But that’s a story for another time. 😉

Here’s my profile pictures in case you were curious…Nothing I haven’t posted up here before.


Is it the dress?

See? Nothing crazy. I don’t get it…







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