The Conceited Crusade

If you have been following me for a minute, you’ve read me refer the “the Crusade” and posting specific writings for it quite consistently.

Conceited Crusade is a collaborative blog I write for alongside 6 other talented writers. We’ve been at it for the past 6 months.

I’ve become quite fond of my fellow Crusaders and felt like I should introduce them to you.

They are some kick ass people and if I think they are cool, then you know it has to be true. 😉

Fred Colton

Fred is our fearless leader. Conceited Crusade is his brain child.  A handsome American expat living in South Korea, women fall easily into his bed and men envy him. I refer to him as “honey” because I have mad affection for him. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s the same age as my younger brother or that he is secretly sensitive and sweet. Nah, that’s not it at all…

You can read about his adventures and other genius writings on the Crusade and his personal blog:  Fred Colton


You can also call her Furiousa because she’s rocking a shaved head these days. Really, it sickens me that she can get away with it. Babe currently resides in Thailand because she is cool like that. Babe is artsy and wise both in life and her writings. I’ve come to respect and admire her as a person and she’s slapped me out of saying or writing things that I would have regretted later, all with her awesome accent. No pet name need for Babe because really, Babe says it all.

You can read her fantastic works on her blog: listen to the babe and also on Conceited Crusade.


He makes parenting hilarious. A fine, southern gentleman in the US, I think of him as a “sweetheart” because he’s really a big teddy bear. But not like a fluffy, asexual teddy bear. More like Ted, the cursing, guy friendly, sexually active teddy bear. (Like that, David?) I absolutely love his stories about his girls.  He’s one great guy and probably too smart for my own good. Never try to hide something from him, is all I’m saying.

You can check out his golden stories on his blog:  Underdaddy and on the Crusade.

GZ Kieft

The most romantic of the bunch, GZ is a young, attractive guy with a bleeding heart. He lives in the US, but he was clearly born from some other exotic location. I refer to him as “cutie” because well, I think he’s adorable. He and his girl are the stuff of cotton candy, they are so sweet on each other. But don’t mistake him as all lover. GZ can hang with the macho guys and write for them too. All the more reason to adore him.

Read his sigh and/or adrenaline inducing works on his site: GZKieft and also on Conceited Crusade.


Watch out, there’s no telling what she will say or write next. I have dubbed her “boo” because we just gel like that. The lovely and talented YuMin resides in the US but was also born in a different, exotic location. I admire this girl because she writes raw and often a lot like how I think. She’s quietly funny and sneaks up on you with her honesty. I absolutely love it.

To enjoy her sometimes random but always brilliant works, check out her site: At the Outset and also on the Crusade.

Gordon Flanders

Gordon is the recluse of the group. I imagine him holed up somewhere, typing like a mad man and producing works that will be found upon his death and deemed revolutionary. I have no pet name for him because, well, I don’t think Gordon does touchy feely.  Watch out for this mystery man, he can write like no one’s business. Just don’t piss him off…And never include him on group emails. 😉

Read Gordon’s prodigy writing on his blog: Anyone’s Ghost and of course, on the Crusade.


There you have it. Our awesome little band of misfits. Plus me, who you already know by now.  I hope you check out Conceited Crusade for a fantastic variety of writings from this eclectic bunch of motherfuckers.

Hmm… I wonder what my fellow Crusaders would have to say about me…



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