Saturday (All Hallows Eve)

Valentine as Animal from the Muppets.

I love to torture him! Ha,ha!!!!

Yesterday I went to that Halloween party in Santa Monica I mentioned earlier in the month.

Here’s my outfit:

The only thing I bought was the necklace. Everything else was already in my closet.

My fangs

I got to the party around 10:30pm, it took me an hour to get there from where I live.

This party seemed to attract a higher economic level population, I think because of the location and because you had to pay for the tickets.

It was mostly late 20 to 40 year olds, primarily white people.

The costumes were pretty cool and varied.

I liked that not all the women felt the need to be a “sexy” version of whatever they were.

True to my word, I stuck to myself and people watched, even finding a little corner to dance by myself a little.

I wandered the premises and one lady stopped me on my way outside to the pool area to tell me I looked absolutely beautiful.


No one approached me and it may have been because I didn’t really care to be approached and I might have had an “I dare you to approach me” vibe going on.

I don’t know why, I just wasn’t in the mood to be hit on a groped.

I was walking back inside from the pool area when a guy dressed as a nerd saw me and stopped me.

He said, “Excuse me,” and then pulled his friend back who had walked passed me, and  introduced himself and his friend, Paul, who was dressed as a John Lennon Werewolf.

The nerd guy’s name was Gene. He was attractive in a clean cut, everyday guy type of way. He looked younger than his 45 years, more like 37 or 38.

He was very talkative and energetic and sort of adorable in his persistence and assertiveness in approaching me and not letting me get away.

Fuck, you know how I love nerdy men…

Anyway, in talking to Gene, I found out he has been divorced twice and has no kids. He lives in Santa Monica which he moved to 4 years ago from Boston with another friend for work. He’s some kind of building investment advisor. I assume he was doing okay with money because living in Santa Monica is expensive and the places he works are between El Segundo and Malibu, which are also high end areas.

He told me that his friend from Boston is at another party, a house party in Venice, and wanted me to join him and Paul there. He kept saying, “We’re nice guys. You can trust us. You only live once. Live a little.” He wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

He was very persistent, which I found attractive and I didn’t have anyone else to spend time with and so I decided, fuck it, sure why not.

Flash forward to me driving two strangers in my truck to a house in Venice, which was about 3 miles from where we were.

We get to the party and Gene grabbed my hand to lead me through the house to the backyard.

I really liked the way he held it firmly and intertwined his fingers with mine.

His friend from Boston who was already there saw me and immediately hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, declaring how much he loved my dimples.

His girlfriend was right there.

Whenever he saw me alone from that point on, he would hug on me and touch my arm, saying how soft I was.

Gene had warned me that he was a bit of a slimeball.

Gene noticed I was kinda tense and kept trying to get me to relax by side hugging me or trying to make me laugh.

I couldn’t help but be tense, I wasn’t sure how to be.

It was a weird situation.

His slimeball friend seemed to have a thing for Asian women, who started arriving at the party dressed as sexy versions of anything you could think of.

(The whole sterotype of well-off white men having Asian women at their disposal was totally played out at this party. It was kinda weird to see it in action.)

He kept introducing Gene to them, but Gene didn’t seem as interested as slimeball Boston friend was.

At one point, Gene even felt the need to introduce slimeball’s girlfriend (who is white) to the Asian ladies to let them know that slimeball was not single.

Gene eventually told me we should dance.

Normally when I’m comfortable, I dance pretty provocatively.

Okay, really provocatively.

But I was afraid that would send the wrong message to Gene, so I kept it to a cute little bounce and sway.

Gene found a way to kiss me anyway so we made out a little on the dance floor.

His mouth was soft and wet and he kissed me passionately while grabbing the back of my hair.

It was nice.

After that, we went back outside and more “friends” (Asian women) had joined the party.

Gene already knew them.

One of them was Gigi.

Gigi was a pretty little Asian wearing a sexy school girl outfit.

I think she was interested in Gene because she ignored me at first but when she realized I was with him, she introduced herself, shook my hand, gave me a naughty look while licking her top lip and then tried to dirty dance with me.

(Asian women seem to like to dirty dance with each other to turn men on. I have no problem dancing with women, dirty or not, but only if I want to, because it feels good. Never to turn a guy on. That’s stupid. I think using fake sexual innuendo specifically to feed the fantasy of a guy is an insult to women who are in actual relationships with other women.)

For a hot second, I thought she might try to kiss me.

I think she realized that Gene wasn’t paying attention (I suspect he has ADHD and was also pretty drunk and involved in meeting everyone) because she stopped her pursuit of me as soon as she started.

She ignored me from then on.

At this point, I was tired, my feet were hurting, and I wanted to go home.

Plus, I could tell Gene was distracted.

So I told him I was leaving and he gave me a hug but didn’t kiss me or walk me out.

I suspect it was because Gigi was there.

I didn’t care because it was all very surreal and I didn’t expect for to hear from him again, since we live far away from each other and he probably wouldn’t even remember meeting me in the morning.

Walking out of the house, I couldn’t help but think, “Doesn’t this type of shit happen in movies?”

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