Thoughts about bullshit

Today was bullshit.

I’ve been really stressed out lately and Lord knows how it happened, but I got a yeast infection.

I know, TMI, but that’s why today was bullshit.

Because when the little lady is unhappy, everyone else is unhappy.

Also on the bullshit meter, I decided to fuck it all with the waiting to date thing and signed up to this online dating site called Zoosk.

I researched it and supposedly it’s one of the better ones.

Okay, so I already know that online dating doesn’t work for me.

But here are the facts.

I work at a school where I don’t meet new people often and my profession is mostly women.

All my friends are married except two.

I’m not involved in local activities or groups and I have no idea how the fuck I would go about finding stuff I’d be interested in and even so, most likely it would be with all women because lets face it, women do all the volunteer stuff.

So I figured first step is to try this online dating thing.

Like actually try and not quit after 2 days or 2 weeks.

I’m giving it a month.

My patience is already waning.

It’s been about 3 days.

Basically, all the wrong guys are interested in me.

I’m getting all the Hispanic men who think that focusing on my appearance is going to melt me.

Yes, I love being told that I’m pretty/beautiful/gorgeous but how about a conversation first?

I know that type of guy, I don’t care for them.

And then there are the guys where it’s like, “In what world, honey? Just, no.”

I think it’s funny that I’m getting this slew of Hispanic men interested in me because when I was younger, they couldn’t be bothered.

I think it’s because I’m much curvier now than I was back then.

Anyway, I’m not attracted to the traditional, macho Hispanic male.

Big muscles?


Shaved head?


Pretty boy face?


Traditional male/female roles?


I know I sound like a brat, but I’ve grown up around these type of men all my life.

I’ve always been the odd one in my family.

My second younger sister loves the Vin Disel/ The Rock type of guy, big hulking muscles, macho attitude, shaved head.

My youngest sister loves the Chris Brown (pre-Rihanna beat down) pretty boy type, dressed to impress and cologned out.

Me, I like the nerdy white guys, preferably with tattoos.

Yup, that is my dream guy.

Although I’d settle for a decent looking guy that I connect with on an intimate level who loves and appreciates me while also challenging me to continue growing as a person.

And he has to be affectionate.

You know, basic stuff.


Can someone point me to the land of the cute nerds?

I want to go to there.


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