(Very brief) Adventures in Dating: Mr. Freaky, Part 2

I cut this in two parts because it was getting long.

So he did not respond to that last text and when I messaged him indicating I had written a post about him later that week on Friday, he just said something like “Really, more blogging? I’m off to the mountains, have a great weekend.”

Here is what happened in the few days between the date and messaging him again that Friday. I gained some clarity as to what a jerk he had been to me during the date. Of course, while it was happening, I was caught off guard and confused so I didn’t catch it right away. And as I processed this, I also realized he had been playing me the whole time. I consulted with my good friend Olivia, who is also a therapist, and she validated my suspicions.

So I began to get angry. (Don’t ever piss off a Scorpio, you’ll regret it)  I had ignored my gut and chose to trust him against my better judgment, hoping that our history was some indicator that I was “special” somehow. (I know, wishful thinking. The ego, what can I say?)  I wrote a couple of posts (here, and here) about him thereafter. I also wrote another one specifically for him, “You Will NEVER See Me Naked ( and other promises)” which kicked ass (just ask Babe), but I won’t put that link up because my sister has been spying on my blog ever since someone (who I suspect was my ex or someone close to her) told my mom about it. And then she’ll report back to my mom and my mom will lecture me (again) and I just don’t want to deal with that. (If you really want to read it, comment with your email and I’ll tell you where to find it).

So after writing those posts, I didn’t hear from him and I wasn’t sure that he even read them.  I was feeling frustrated that I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say or express to him how I felt,  so I wrote this long ass text message (it’s like broken up into 9 parts). I won’t post all of it, but just parts that sum it up.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

I ended with this:


The last sentence is “angsty, messy emotions, but one can always hope.” I think all things considered, I wasn’t especially rude or bitchy about it. I called him on his bullshit and let him know how it affected me. Nothing any other self-respecting woman wouldn’t have said or done. I was probably even was too soft about it.

He never responded to it, which I was expecting. What I didn’t expect was to get a nasty text from him 6 weeks later.

Here it is:

photo 6photo 7

Wow, right? Hence, why I now consider him a narcissistic asshole. I politely wrote back that I was glad that he got this off his chest and he would not have to think about me again. And goodbye. I said a little more, but it was very general and inconsequential. So far, no response (which I’m glad and was hoping for) and I’m thinking there won’t be. But who knows, I’ve had my past show up before when I’ve least expected it.

So that’s Mr. Freaky. Next post will be about my Tinder experience.

Are you on the edge of your seat? Yeah, me neither.

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