Love Letter

If my words could cradle you,

I would write a never-ending lullaby to gently caress you to sleep.

If my body could sustain you,

I would feed you until you were ravenous no more,

thoroughly satisfied and then some, converting you into a glutton.

If my voice could soothe you,

I would speak until my vocal chords strain and snap, rendering me mute.

If my eyes could touch you,

you would never want for affection,

always feeling the flutter of my lashes brushing against your body like butterflies.

If my mouth could keep you safe,

I would kiss you, murmuring spells onto your tongue,

until you were completely under my hex.

If my love could make you return,

I would shout it from the mountain tops,

scream it from the ocean,

burn it in the forest,

and write it in the clouds.

Anything to get you back to me.

I would do whatever it took.

Only for you,

I would bleed.


About samlobos

I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

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