The Beast and her promise


The Beast howls at the moon

Her song of pain and anguish

She has been captured

But there are no chains around her

She is not caged

It is he who she is bound to

He who she cannot be free of

She had eluded the hunters

The hungry men who sought to bind and

tame her

And keep her for their own pleasure

She was tame once but grew restless and escaped

Vowing to never allow herself to be tamed again

And she fled into the woods

Surviving on her own.

He had been tracking her

This man that she could not see or sense

He studied her, learned to understand her ways

And quietly fell in love with her

Then, one day, he made himself known

Not knowing what to make of him, she stared with glowing eyes

She held herself tall, strong, unflinching

Showing him the force inside

There was something familiar about him but she could no longer trust

her own instincts

They had been wrong before

He held out his hand

and she nipped it

A warning

Experience had taught her that men’s hands could not be trusted

They were always callously groping for they could get

indifferent to the harm they caused

Dark red drops formed on pale skin

He didn’t recoil

In fact, he smiled

Because he had expected it

Because he knew her

The Beast grew confused

Why was he still in front of her and what did he want

Why was he not scared

And as she pondered these questions

he crept closer to her until their noses were touching

and she looked into his hazel eyes and was captured

His spirit was gentle and kind, so unlike the others she had encountered

He held out his hand again and this time she did not move

He slowly stroked the crown of her head

and she felt an invisible rope tying her to him

But she did not care

Because it was what she had wanted without knowing it

And so they became inseparable,

the Beast joining him on his journey

The one he had forgotten he wanted to take

She happily stayed by his side but soon found that she could

not follow him everywhere

There were places she was forbidden to go

And so he snuck her into those forbidden places and she had to make herself small and quiet

in order to stay with him

But he loved her, his Beast, and felt that a wild creature should never be made to shrink herself

He loved her most when she roamed confident and free

So one day he led her back to the edge of the wood

And crouched in front of her and whispered goodbye

Told her that he had to finish his journey on his own

because he could not stand to see such a Beast held captive

Even if it was of her own free will

The Beast whimpered and her eyes glistened with heartbreak

He untied the invisible rope and she felt the imprint it left around her heart

She had grown fond of its pull

But she knew she was not meant to be restrained

or stifle the fire she possessed inside

She wanted him to join her, to roam unbridled alongside her

But he had things he needed to take care of first

Things that she could not be a part of

And she understood that

So he walked away from her

and she watched him go

And as he started to fade from view,

she turned and howled

A promise

That she would remain in the wood

Haunting it like he haunts her

Waiting patiently until he returns

and they can finally be wild together

About samlobos

I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

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