Sitting in the pain

Life is not like a movie. In movies, the characters go through impossible situations and you see their struggle, maybe you even feel it for a moment. But then the movie fast forwards to a time in the future, days, months, years, and that same character who went through all this adversity is now happy and smiling, seemingly in a better place and the pain and struggle they survived is nothing more than a distant memory compared to their current joy. Well, in real life, there is no fast forward segment. Everything you feel, everything you are going through, is real. Time goes on without any indicator of when things will get better. And all I want to do is find that fast forward button. A friend recently told me that you have to sit in the pain. That there is purpose and meaning in it. At first I wasn’t sure I quite understood what that meant. My experience with pain and uncertainty is that I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. I want to move on and deal with the consequences later. But there are some choices that you cannot take back. And dealing with the consequences means your whole life is upside down. And so, I understand the meaning of sitting in the pain now. It’s in the struggle, the acceptance of the pain in which clarity is forged. Regardless of the result, the pain prepares you for what is next, the constant ache makes you stronger and provides you time to gain perspective. I understand now. So I am choosing to sit in the pain, as uncomfortable as it is. My hope is that I keep hope in a future where I am at peace with whatever I decide because I sat in it.

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I am an avid fan of creating narratives in my head about random experiences and quotes for future books I will probably not write. I harbor a 15 year old girl in my psyche and like to solve world issues when I'm half asleep. View all posts by samlobos

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